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Most of our days are spent with our noses pressed firmly against one single dot, and that dot is all we can see. We miss out on the richness of what's around us.

Psychotherapy offers a time and space to take a step back and see the whole system.

This new perspective allows us to understand more about the situations we find ourselves in, and how and why we got there.

My role as a psychotherapist is to support you in this exploration, to encourage kindness toward yourself, and to gain compassion and peace.

I have helped my clients:

  • Find a sense of peace and acceptance after loss and grief, recent or past

  • Adjust to parenthood

  • Manage the grips of depression and anxiety

  • Grieve infertility, miscarriage, or an abortion

  • Navigate a cancer diagnosis and the “new normal” of going through treatment

  • Form better relationships with parents, romantic partners, and others

  • Live with chronic pain and the resulting self-blame and depression

  • Ease and stop body-focused repetitive behaviors that result in damage to the body.